Mayfair Tower - PRICE LIST

Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Option 1:
Spot Cash
Option 2:
30% Spot; 70% Balance over 36 months at 0% interest
Option 3:
10% Spot; 90% Balance over 36 months at 0% interest
Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
BF interest rate varies depending on the choice of bank.
Other charges are not yet included.

Sample Computation:

Sample Computation 1: Based on Option 1

  • List Price: PHP 6,912,013.66
  • Less: Reservation Fee: PHP 50,000
  • Net List Price: PHP 6,862,013.66
  • Less 4% discount: PHP 274,480.54
  • Discounted List Price: PHP 6,614,533.12

Sample Computation 2: Based on Option 3

  • List Price: PHP 6,912,013.66
  • Less Reservation Fee: PHP 50,000
  • Net List Price: PHP 6,862,013.66
  • Discount on Total Contract Price: 0%
  • Discount amount: 0
  • Discounted List Price: PHP 6,862,013.66
  • Spot Downpayment: 10%
  • Discount on Downpayment: PHP 686,201.367
  • Discount Amount: PHP -----------
  • Discounted Downpayment: PHP--------
  • Balance %: 90%
  • Balance amount: PHP 6,175,812.29
  • Balance Terms: 36 months
  • Monthly Payments: PHP 171,550


Why Is Mayfair Tower Worth Investing?

The Beautiful Surroundings

Mayfair Tower is one of the rare constructions that offer beautiful surrounds along with skilled designs and concrete construction. One gets to experience the mesmerizing view of the Manila Bay. Where people from all around drop in Manila just to experience the beautiful sunsets the residents of Mayfair gets the opportunity as an addition to their new home. For all the nature lovers Mayfair Tower is one of the best places to reside in owing to the lush green magnificent surroundings.

Expect Huge Resale Value

People often buy property in order to invest their savings with the intentions of getting a higher amount at the time of resale. Mayfair Tower is one such property that resides at the prime location of Manila with numerous essentials in the surroundings. This adds on to the resale value of the property and one can expect a huge amount back in their pocket in the upcoming years. It is estimated that the value of the property is to shoot to higher levels within just a few years. Therefore, in case you are looking for a property in order to invest your savings in then Mayfair Tower stays to be the best pick out of the huge lot.

Luxurious Amenities

Offering luxurious facilities such as lap pool as well as a kid's pool, spa, and sauna along with a lounge or bar are the attractive and luxurious facilities that one gets to enjoy while residing at Mayfair Tower.

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