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Mayfair Tower is located in the palm of Manila at UN Avenue, Ermita. It is conveniently located at the corner of UN Avenue as well as A. Mabini Street. Manila is one of the developing areas surrounding the Philippines. Many nearby convenient essentials are located close to the property. Let us have a quick look at a few of them:-

1. Rizal Park - Also termed as the popular Luneta Park is situated extremely close to Mayfair Tower. This urban historical park is also one of the largest in Asia. Being one of the major attractions in Manila it gives the convenience of a quick outing with family and friends to all the Mayfair residents. Where people from all over the places especially come to visit the park for the residents of Mayfair Rizal Park visits can be a regular affair.

2. Roxas Boulevard - The most famous waterfront in Manila gives the residents of Mayfair the advantage of delightful long drives with their beloved on the long stretches of roads that help you witness beautiful sunset and a brilliant landscape view. The vast stretch of the waterfront is lined with tall coconut trees that further add to the beauty of the place.

3. Hyatt Hotel - Location of a luxurious hotel near your residing place is a treat to all the lavish life lovers out there. Well within the reach in just a few minutes makes it extremely convenient for the residents to visit the hotel for any purpose they like.

4. Food Establishments - Having food outlets nearby is an important aspect of life. Mayfair Tower offers a hell lot of food joints and establishments for the convenience of the residents. Even if one doesn't wish to cook for any particular day the nearby located food joints can be made of instant use making life at Mayfair no less than a blessing.

5. Offices - For the ones having offices nearby the property Mayfair is the perfect place to get them a permanent settlement. Being close to the office place one can save a lot of traveling time that can be invested elsewhere. Also, having a growing commercial settlement nearby increases the resale price of the property to quite an extent. The prices are expected to shoot up in the upcoming years having such important and essential settlements nearby.

6. Robinsons Place Ermita - One of the large shopping malls being located extremely close to the property makes it a luxurious location to reside at. One often wants to spend some quality time with family either shopping or visiting restaurants especially on Sundays. Robinson Place is extremely nearby taking you to the collection of various brands and restaurants serving delicacies just at the same spot. Such a giant and popular shopping mall being so close to the property also increases the resale value and is expected to further shoot up in the upcoming years making Mayfair Tower a wise purchase for your future.

Mayfair Tower Location

Strategically located at the corner of UN Avenue and A. Mabini Street in Manila's colonial Ermita district, Mayfair Tower boasts of the best amenities for stylish condominium living in the city.

Just a stroll away from the landmark Rizal Park and bustling Roxas Boulevard, the Mayfair Tower affords its residents a magnificent view of the famous Manila Bay sunset. Also in close proximity are Robinsons Place Ermita, Hyatt Hotel and Casino and many other food establishments and offices.

Accessible either by private or public transport, Mayfair Tower's ideal location coupled with generous living spaces (it offers up to 5-bedroom units) means residents can enjoy a more leisurely lifestyle with their families and friends any time.

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