Mayfair Tower - AMENITIES

Mayfair Tower offers numerous amenities as well as facilities that ensure the comfortable stay of the residents. Luxury is what one gets to experience while staying at Mayfair. Some of the amenities that Mayfair offers are as follows:-

1. Fitness Gymnasium - A gym is one of the daily necessities of the people around and it becomes convenient for one to live if there stays a gym in the residential complex itself. Mayfair Tower accommodates one of the world class gymnasiums that the residents can use to shape up their body and keep fit. The design of the gymnasium is such that it accommodates all the necessary equipment and offers space to the people. 

2. Bar - One loves to party on the weekends and what can be better than a bar or lounge being located exactly at your residential complex. Mayfair Tower accommodates a bar that can be used for all those luxurious outings of the weekends. One can be saved from the trauma of long distance traveling and can rather invite friends and family people home in order to party together. Looking at the amenities that your residence offers is for sure to make your guests drop their jaws in awe.

3. Landscape Garden - A garden offering a mesmerizing view of the Manila Bay and the vast expanse of the city is accommodated in Mayfair Tower. This refreshing and enchanting view can let you keep appreciating the same for hours. The garden is well maintained by the management team available to ensure the proper functioning of all the amenities of the Tower. Hence, these landscape gardens are the ones offering breath-taking view along with tidy and clean surroundings with lush green grass.

4. Sauna/Spa - To keep one's body relaxed he/she often visits spa and sauna centers. At Mayfair Tower, you get to experience the perfect spa and sauna services with extreme ease. This stays to be one of the most attractive features of the residential complex and your relatives and friends would for sure be envious with your new address.

5. Function Area - Residing at Mayfair Tower you need not be worried to hunt for a function area or hall before hosting a party or gathering. Mayfair Tower offers two huge function areas that the residents can use to host any of his/her parties and gatherings. These giant function areas can accommodate hundreds of people and you can save a lot of your hunting time.

6. Lap Pool - A lap pool is what the residents can enjoy while residing at Mayfair Tower. One needn't go elsewhere like clubs to enjoy the refreshing pool. At Mayfair Tower, one can enjoy their blazing summers days and evenings in the lap pool.

7. Kids Pool - At Mayfair Tower, you get a chance to gift your kids the happiness of playing and having fun in the kid's pool. Due to lack of time one often tends to neglect their kids but while staying at Mayfair Tower the kids get the refreshing feel similar to that of a water park's pool.

  • Landscape Garden
  • Sauna/Spa
  • Fitness Gym
  • Bar
  • 2 Function Area
  • Lap Pool
  • Children's Pool
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